We help people in overcome life controlling problems.

 Problems many times are on top of problems creating layers of issues that must be addressed like a onion which has many layers.

Global Reach

Through the power of media we can help millions through our online support and ministries.


Coaching and Mentoring peoples lives through the word of God and helping them to apply what they learn.

Spiritual Support

Helping folks to understand how faith plays a part of once’s ability to overcome life controlling problems.

Shelter and Housing assistance

Helping someone find solutions to housing is a process and can take time due to availability. But we have. Large list of agencies, non profits, and low income resources.

Family Support

Talking to the whole family is important in many cases in order to help individuals loved ones to understand what is advisable in their roles of supportive care.

Fresh Start

Understanding what it takes to start fresh and place safeguards in ones life is part of a fresh start. Helping you understand to cost of a fresh start is critical.


Associations & Memberships

We are proud to work with some of the greatest agencies in the USA.

How It Works

Three Simple Steps.


One on one evaluation in order to best help.


Discuss the best course of action and create a plan of action

Take Action

Set a date and start the process.


We depend on God where most agencies and organization are depending upon themselves and their programs. We believer Jesus is the missing answer in order to sustain a forever solution.

The first time we meet we will need to verify and confirm identity. Usually an appointment is set in order to meet with all involved and confirm Name, Age, and information regarding the problem area.

We are a non profit organization and don’t have a fee for providing deliverance to a hurting sick individual. However, we can not help long term without providing a place where recovery is able to work. Sanctuary homes have expensive, and the city and state want their share as well. So we ask what is it worth to you to have your loved one away for a year or so in order to receive the help they need? I know must folks are struggling as it is to make ends meet and it is why we will not charge the customary $5,000 a month. But we do ask that you consider a monthly support that your family can provide to help us keep the Sanctury open to all who need help and a place to get well. 

We are available Monday through Friday and you can contact our Pastor at 407 236 6685 or visit our contact page here on our website.