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The Housing Crisis and Homelessness


As a missionary to the homeless in Orlando Florida, I know first hand what it is to see the great multitude of new homeless individuals as each year the faces of the homeless change but the reason is not because they got off the street into housing. According to an NBC report Ever since the Covid pandemic, we can see a  surge in housing costs and a rise in unemployment, leaving nearly 600,000 Americans unhoused in 2020.

“What people don’t typically realize when they walk past a person who’s homeless is that this person is costing taxpayers a lot of money”. The cycle of people losing their homes only to end up needing more than a place to stay is beyond belief. The cost of not providing homes is becoming more apparent as the streets are flooded with new homeless faces joining the already chronic situation. New families and faces are being since as new evictions are on the rise.   

The Cost of Homelessness is breaking records! 

In 2019, New York City spent a record-breaking $3 billion to support its homeless population. California is also expected to break its record, allocating $4.8 billion to the same issue over the next two years.

“homelessness is getting worst”

Right now, we are trending in the wrong direction, and the problems are multiplying fasts!  Homelessness has always been a problem but today we see the cause and effect of inflation, Covid . The state of homelessness is pretty tenuous, and there are some small increases that are taking place across the board.

For decades, the U.S. has relied on a “housing first” approach to homelessness, where permanent housing is provided for homeless people without preconditions such as sobriety or employment.

Will you help me solve homelessness at least for a few of the many thousands? This is the cry from Pastor Joseph Romero of Chains Off Ministries, as He is witnessing many new Homeless appearing on the streets of Central Florida in 2022 stating that many new homeless are homeless due to rising rents, layoffs, and evictions. 

Sanctuary Homes is designed to provide safe sober residences that help them integrate back into the community and into healthy, functional individuals. Click Here to learn more!

Chains Off Ministries, Inc. has made a positive impact in our surrounding communities since our inception in 2007.

Our structured environments provide residents with an established and respected safe sober recovery environment. We have continuing collaborations with a wide variety of external agencies to assist in our organizational effort, including, but not limited to;

  • counseling services,
    • employment assistance,
    • training programs,
    • and various volunteer services.
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Love Will Find a Way!

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